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2013 Caballero-Caballero A, Engel T, Martinez-Villarreal J, Sanz-Rodriguez A, Chang P, Dunleavy M, Mooney CM, Jimenez-Mateos EM, Schindler CK, Henshall DC. Mitochondrial localization of the Forkhead box class O transcription factor FOXO3a in brain J. Neurochemistry 12/6 749-56  
2012 Dron, A., Rabouille, S., Claquin, P., Chang, P., Raimbault V., Talec, A. and Sciandra, A. Light-dark (12:12) quantification of carbohydrate fluxes in Crocosphaera watsonii. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 68 43-55  
2012 Hebras, C. and McDougall, A. Urochordate ascidians possess a single isoform of Aurora kinase that localizes to the midbody via TPX2 in eggs and cleavage stage embryos. PLOS One. 7(9) e45431  
2012 McDougall, A., Lee, K.W. and Dumollard, R Microinjection and 4D fluorescence imaging in the eggs and embryos of the ascidian Phallusia mammillata. Methods in Molecular Biology In press  
2012 Momose, T., Kraus, Y. & Houliston, E. A conserved function for Strabismus in establishing planar cell polarity in the ciliated ectoderm during cnidarian larval development Development 139 4374-4382  
2012 McDougall, A., Chenevert, J. and Dumollard, R Cell Cycle Control in Oocytes and during Embryonic Cleavage Cycles in Ascidians Int Rev Cell Mol Biol 297 235-264  
2012 Dayraud C, Alié A, Jager M, Chang P, Le Guyader H, Manuel M, Quéinnec E. Independent specialisation of myosin II paralogues in muscle vs. non-muscle functions during early animal evolution: a ctenophore perspective. BMC Evol Biol. 12 107  
2012 Steinmetz, P.R.H., Kraus, J.E.M. Larroux, C., Hammel, J.U., Amon-Hassenzahl, A., Houliston, E., Wörheide,G., Nickel, M., Degnan, B.M. & Technau, U Independent evolution of striated muscle in cnidarians and bilaterians. Nature 487 231-234  
2012 Leclère , L., Jager, M., Barreau, C., Chang, P.. Le Guyader, H., Manuel, M., Houliston, E. Maternally localized germ plasm mRNAs and germ cell/stem cell formation in the cnidarian Clytia Developmental Biology 364 236–248  
2011 Range R. and Lepage T. Maternal Oct1/2 is required for Nodal and Univin/vg1 expression during dorsal ventral axis specification in the sea urchin embryo. Developmental Biology 357 440-449  
2011 Alié A, Leclère L, Jager M, Dayraud C, Chang P, Le Guyader H, Quéinnec E, Manuel M Somatic stem cells express Piwi and Vasa genes in an adult ctenophore: Ancient association of "germline genes" with stemness Developmental Biology 350 183-197  Somatic
2011 Laura H. Orfão, Ariane F. Nascimento, Danilo Caneppele, Fábio M. Corrêa, Jacky Cosson and Ana T. M. Viveiros. Extender composition, osmolality and cryoprotectant effects on fresh sperm quality of a Brazilian freshwater fish pirapitinga-do-sul (Brycon opalinus) Aquaculture 311 241-247  Extender
2011 M. Psenicka, V. Kaspar, S. M. H. Alavi, M. Rodina, D. Gela, P. Li, S. Borishpolets, J. Cosson, O. Linhart and A. Ciereszko Potential role of the acrosome of sturgeon spermatozoa in the fertilization process J. Appl. Ichthyol. 27 678-682  Potential
2011 M. Demoy-Schneider, A. Levêque, N. Schmitt, M. Le Pennec and J. Cosson Motility activation and metabolism characteristics of spermatozoa of the black-lip-pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera var : cumingii (Jameson, 1901) Theriogenology accepted / on line  
2011 Kurn U., Rendulic, S., Tiozzo, S., Lauzon, R.J. Asexual Propagation and Regeneration in Colonial Ascidians Biol. Bull. 221 In press  
2011 Lapebie, P., Borchiellini, C., Houliston, E Dissecting the PCP pathway: one or more pathways? BioEssays 33 759-768  
2011 Paix A, Le Nguyen PN, Sardet C. Bi-polarized translation of ascidian maternal mRNA determinant pem-1 associated with regulators of the translation machinery on cortical Endoplasmic Reticulum (cER). Developmental Biology 357 211-226  
2011 Kawamura K, Tiozzo S, Manni L, Sunanaga T, Burighel P, De Tomaso AW. Germline cell formation and gonad regeneration in solitary and colonial ascidians. Dev Dyn. 240(2) 299-308  Germline
2011 Hellbach A, Tiozzo S, Ohn J, Liebling M, De Tomaso AW Characterization of HCN and Cardiac Function in a Colonial Ascidian J Exp Zool A Ecol Genet Physiol. doi: 10.1002/jez.695 PMID: 21770038  Characterization
2011 McDougall, A., Chenevert, J., Lee, K. W., Hebras, C. and Dumollard, R Cell Cycle in Ascidian Eggs and Embryos. In "Cell Cycle in Development." Editor J. Kubiak. Vol. 53, Chapter 8, 153-171  Cell
2011 Dumollard ,R., Levasseur ,M., Hebras, C., Huitorel, P., Carroll, M., Chambon, J-P. and McDougall,. A. Mos limits the number of meiotic divisions in urochordate eggs. Development 138 885-895  Mos
2011 Prulière G, Cosson J, Chevalier S, Sardet C, Chenevert J. Atypical protein kinase C controls sea urchin ciliogenesis Mol Biol Cell 22 2042-53  
2011 Croce J, Range R, Wu SY, Miranda E, Lhomond G, Peng JC, Lepage T, McClay DR Wnt6 activates endoderm in the sea urchin gene regulatory network. Development 138 3297-3306  
2011 Gaffré, M., Martoriati, A., Belhachemi, N., Chambon, J.-P., Houliston, E., Jessus, C., Karaiskou, A. A critical balance between Cyclin B synthesis and Myt1 activity controls meiosis entry in Xenopus oocytes Development 138 3735-3744  
2011 Clare Hudson, Moly Ba, Christian Rouviere, Hitoyoshi Yasuo Divergent mechanisms specify chordate motoneurons: evidence from ascidians. Development 138 1643-1652  
2011 Sardet C, McDougall A, Yasuo H, Chenevert J, Pruliere G, Dumollard R, Hudson C, Hebras C, LeNguyen N, Paix A Embryological methods in ascidians: the Villefranche protocols, Dans ?Vertebrate Embryogenesis: Methods and Protocols? Methods in Molecular Biology 770 365-400  
2011 Paix A, Chenevert J, Sardet C Localization and anchorage of maternal mRNAs to cortical structures of ascidian eggs and embryos using high resolution in situ hybridization Dans ?Messages on the move: ?Techniques in RNA visualization? Methods in Molecular Biology 714 49-70  
2010 Hwang JS, Takaku Y, Momose T, Adamczyk P, Özbek S, Ikeo K, Khalturin K, Hemmrich G, Bosch TC, Holstein TW, David CN, Gojobori T Nematogalectin, a nematocyst protein with GlyXY and galectin domains, demonstrates nematocyte-specific alternative splicing in Hydra. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107 18539-44  
2010 O. Tassy, D. Dauga, F. Daian, D. Sobral, F. Robin, P. Khoueiry, D. Salgado, V. Fox, D. Caillol, R. Schiappa, B. Laporte, A. Rios, G. Luxardi, T. Kusakabe, J. S. Joly, S. Darras, L. Christiaen, M. Contensin, H. Auger, C. Lamy, C. Hudson, U. Rothbächer, M. The ANISEED database: digital representation, formalization and elucidation of a chordate developmental program. Genome Research 20 1459-68  
2010 Saudemont A, Haillot E, Mekpoh F, Bessodes N, Quirin M, Lapraz F, Duboc V, Röttinger E, Range R, Oisel A, Besnardeau L, Wincker P, Lepage T Ancestral Regulatory Circuits Governing Ectoderm Patterning Downstream of Nodal and BMP2/4 Revealed by Gene Regulatory Network Analysis in an Echinoderm. PLoS Genetics 6(12): e1001259 doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1001259  Ancestral
2010 Fourrage, C., Chevalier, S. & Houliston, E. A highly conserved Poc1 protein characterized in embryos of the hydrozoan Clytia hemisphaerica: localization and functional studies PLoS One 5 (11) e13994  A
2010 Prodon F, Chenevert J, Hébras C, Dumollard R, Faure E, Gonzalez-Garcia J, Nishida H, Sardet C, McDougall A. Dual mechanism controls asymmetric spindle position in ascidian germ cell precursors. Development 137 2011-21  
2010 Cosson. J, Groison A.L, Fauvel C. and Suquet M. Description of hake (Merlucius lerlucius) spermatozoa: flagellar wave characteristics and motility parameters in varius situations J. Appl. Ich 26 644-652  Description
2010 M. Suquet, J. Cosson, F. de la Gandara, C. Mylonas, M Papadaki, S. Lallemant and C. Fauvel Sperm features of captive Atlantic blufin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) J. Appl. Ich 26 775-778  Sperm
2010 C. Fauvel, M. Suquet, J. Cosson Evaluation and determinism of fish quality J. Appl. Ich. 26 636-643  Evaluation
2010 A.L. Groison, M. Suquet, J. Cosson, I. Mayer, A. Severe, J.M. Bouquet, A. Geffen, A.C. Utne Palm and Olav Sigurd Kjesbu Sperm mobility in European hake, merluccius merluccius, and characterization of its spermatozoa concentration and volume, spermatocrit, osmolality and pH. Aquaculture 301 31-36  Sperm
2010 Cosson Jacky Frenetic activation of fish spermatozoa flagella entails short term mobility, portending their precocious decadence J. Fish Biol. 76 240-279  Frenetic
2010 A.L. Groison, C. Fauvel, M. Suquet, O.S. Kjesbu, J.R. Le Coz, I. Mayer, J. Cosson Some characteristics of sperm mobility in European hake (Merluccius merluccius, L., 1758) Journal Applied Ichthyology 26 682-689  Some
2010 Duboc V., Lapraz F., Saudemont A., Bessodes N., Mekpoh F., Haillot E., Quirin M., and Lepage T Nodal and BMP2/4 pattern the mesoderm and endoderm of the sea urchin embryo Development 137 223-235  Nodal
2010 Croce J.C., McClay D.R. Dynamics of Delta/Notch signaling on endomesoderm segregation in the sea urchin embryo. Development 137(1) 83-91  Dynamics
2010 Bierkamp C, Luxey M, Metchat A, Audouard C, Dumollard R, Christians E. Lack of maternal Heat Shock Factor 1 results in multiple cellular and developmental defects, including mitochondrial damage and altered redox homeostasis, and leads to reduced survival of mammalian oocytes and embryos. Developmental Biology 339(2) 338-53.  Lack
2010 Houliston, E., Momose, T. and Manuel, M. Clytia hemispherica : A jellyfish cousin joins the laboratory Trends in Genetics 26 (4) 159-167  Clytia
2010 Forêt, S., Knack, B., Houliston, E., Momose, T., Manuel, M., Queinnec, E., Hayward, DC., Ball, E.E. and Miller, D.J. New tricks with old genes: The genetic bases of novel cnidarian traits. Trends in Genetics 26 (4) 154-158  New
2010 Amiel, A., Chang, P., Momose, T. and Houliston, E. Clytia hemisphaerica: A cnidarian model for studying oogenesis"(2010) "Clytia hemisphaerica: A cnidarian model for studying oogenesis In “The Universal Process of Oogenesis” ed M.-H. Verlhac. Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-69682-8 pp 82-101  
2010 Derelle, R. Momose, T., Manuel, M. Winker P., Da Silva C. and Houliston, E. Convergent origins and rapid evolution of spliced leader trans-splicing in Metazoa: Insights from the Ctenophora and Hydrozoa RNA 16 696–707  
2009 J. Cosson, M. Demoy-Schneider, M. Le Pennec and B. Hui Traits of sperm motility in marine fish: activation, regulation and precocious arrest. Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Science InterCongress, Papeete ISBN N°978-2-11-098964-2.  Traits
2009 J. Cosson, M. Demoy-Schneider, M. Le Pennec and B. Hui Marine fish spermatozoa are racing ephemeral swimmers: how external conditions control motility and energetic parameters. Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Science InterCongress, Papeete ISBN N°978-2-11-098964-2.  Marine
2009 Alavi SMH , M. Rodina, A.T.M. Viveiros, J. Cosson, D. Gela & O . Linhart Effects of osmolality on sperm morphology, motility and flagellar wave parameters in Northern pike (Esox lucius L.) Theriogenology 72 32-43  Effects
2009 Lapraz F, Besnardeau L, Lepage T Patterning of the Dorsal-Ventral Axis in Echinoderms: Insights into the Evolution of the BMP-Chordin Signaling Network PLoS Biol 7 (11) e1000248  Patterning
2009 Harzsh S, Muller C.H.G., Rieger V., Perez Y, Sintoni S., Sardet C.; Hansson B Fine structure of ventral nerve center and interspecific identification of individual neurons in the enigmatic Chaetognatha Zoomorphology 128 53−73  
2009 Paix A, Yamada L, Dru P, Lecordier L, Pruliere G, Chenevert J, Satoh N, Sardet C. Cortical anchorages and cell type segregations of maternal postplasmic/PEM RNAs in ascidians. Developmental Biology 336 96−111  Cortical
2009 Dumollard R, Carroll J, Duchen MR, Campbell K, Swann K. Mitochondrial function and redox state in mammalian embryos Semin Cell Dev Biol. 20(3) 346-53  
2009 Lapébie P, Gazave E, Ereskovsky A, Derelle R, Bézac C, Renard E, Houliston E, Borchiellini C. WNT/β-Catenin Signalling and Epithelial Patterning in the Homoscleromorph Sponge Oscarella. PLoS ONE 4(6) e5823  WNT/β-Catenin
2009 Git A, Allison R, Perdiguero E, Nebreda AR, Houliston E, Standart N. Vg1RBP phosphorylation by Erk2 MAP kinase correlates with the cortical release of Vg1 mRNA during meiotic maturation of Xenopus oocytes. RNA 15(6) 1121-33  
2009 Philippe H, Derelle R, Lopez, Pick, Borchiellini, C., Boury-Esnault, N., Vacelet, Deniel, Houliston, E. Quéinnec, E., Da Silva, Wincker, Le Guyader, Leys, Jackson, Degnan, Schreiber, Erpenbeck, Morgenstern, Wörheide and Manuel, M. Phylogenomics restores traditional views on deep animal relationships Current Biology 19(8) 706-12  
2009 Amiel, A.*, Leclère, L.*, Robert, L., Chevalier, S., Houliston, E. Conserved roles for Mos in eumetazoan oocyte maturation revealed by studies in a cnidarian. Current Biology 19 (4) 305-311  
2009 Amiel, A., Houliston, E. Three distinct RNA localization mechanisms contribute to oocyte polarity establishment in the cnidarian Clytia hemisphærica Dev. Biol. 327 191-203  
2008 Dayem M, Basquin C, Navarro V, Carrier P, Marsault R, Chang P, Huc S, Darrouzet E, Lindenthal S, Pourcher T. Comparison of expressed human and mouse sodium/iodide symporters reveals differences in transport properties and subcellular localization. J Endocrinol. 197(1) 95-109  
2008 Sardet C, Swalla BJ, Satoh N, Sasakura Y, Branno M, Thompson EM, Levine M, Nishida H. Euro chordates: Ascidian community swims ahead. The 4th International Tunicate meeting in Villefranche sur Mer. Developmental Dynamics 237 1716-31  Euro
2008 Prodon F, Sardet C, Nishida H. Cortical and cytoplasmic flows driven by actin microfilaments polarize the cortical ER−mRNA domain along the a−v axis in ascidian oocytes. Developmental Biology 313 682−99  
2008 Dumollard R, Campbell K, Halet G, Carroll J, Swann K. Regulation of cytosolic and mitochondrial ATP levels in mouse eggs and zygotes. Developmental Biology 316(2): 431-40  Regulation
2008 Psenicka M, Alavi S.M.H., Rodina M, Gela D., Cosson J., Nebesarova J. and Linhart O. Morphology, biochemistry and physiology of chondrostean fish sperm: A comparative study between Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) and sterlet (A. ruthenus). J. Appl. Ichthyol. 24 371-377  
2008 M. Psenicka, J. Cosson, S.M.H. Alavi, O. Linhart & A. Ciereszko Staining of sturgeon spermatozoa with trypsin inhibitor from soybean, Alexa FluorÆ 488 conjugate for visualization of sturgeon acrosome J. Appl. Ichthyol. 24 514-516  Staining
2008 Linhart O., Alavi S.M.H., Rodina M., Gela D. and Cosson J. Comparison of sperm velocity, motility rate and fertlilizing ability of freshly and secondly activated carp sperm J. Appl. Ichthyol. 24 386-392  Comparison
2008 M. Psenicka, G. J. Dietrich, M. Wojtczak, J. Nynca, M. Rodina, O. Linhart, J. Cosson and A. Ciereszko Acrosome staining and motility characteristics of sterlet spermatozoa after cryopreservation with use of methanol and DMSO Cryobiology 56 251-253  Acrosome
2008 J. Cosson, C. Dreanno, C. Fauvel, A-L. Groison, M. Suquet and R. Billard Marine fish spermatozoa : racing ephemeral swimmers Reproduction 136 277-294  Marine
2008 J. Cosson, A.-L. Groison, M. Suquet, C. Fauvel, C. Dreanno and R. Billard Studying sperm motility in marine fish : an overview on the state of the art. J. Appl. Ichthyol. 24 460-490  Studying
2008 Momose, T., Derelle, R. and Houliston, E. A maternally localised Wnt ligand required for axial patterning in the cnidarian Clytia hemisphaerica Development 135 2105-2113  A
2008 Duboc V., Lapraz F., Besnardeau L. and Lepage T. Lefty acts as an essential modulator of Nodal activity during sea urchin oral-aboral axis formation. Dev. Biol. 320(1) 49-59  Lefty
2008 Röttinger E., Saudemont A., Duboc V., Besnardeau L., McClay D. and Lepage T. FGF signals guide migration of mesenchymal cells, control morphogenesis of the skeleton and regulate gastrulation during development of the sea urchin embryo. Development 135 353-365.  FGF
2008 Hudson, C and Yasuo, H. Similarity and diversity in mechanisms of muscle fate induction between ascidian embryos Biology of the Cell 100 265-277  
2008 S.M.H.Alavi, J. Cosson, K. Coward and R. Rafiee Book = “Fish Spermatology” Alpha Science Int. Ltd., Oxford ISBN 978-1-84265-369-2 460pages  Book
2008 Jacky Cosson The motility apparatus of fish spermatozoa Book = “Fish Spermatology” Alpha Science Int. Ltd. (ISBN 978-1-84265-369-2) pp281-316  The
2008 Jacky Cosson Methods to analyse the movements of fish spermatozoa and their flagella Book = "Fish Spermatology" Alpha Science Int. Ltd. (ISBN 978-1-84265-369-2) pp63-101  Methods
2008 C. Rouxel, M. Suquet, J. Cosson, A. Severe, L. Quemener and C. Fauvel. Changes of atlantic cod (Gadus morhua, l.) sperm quality during the spawning period Aquaculture Research 39(4) 434-440  Changes
2008 Legendre Marc, Cosson Jacky, Alavi S.M. Hadi and Linhart Otomar Sperm motility activation in the euryhaline tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron heudelotii (Dumeril, 1859) acclimatized to fresh, sea or hypersaline waters. Cybium 32/2 181-182  Sperm
2008 Sayyed Mohammad Hadi Alavi, Marek Rodina, Jacky Cosson, Martin Psenicka & Otomar Linhart Roles of extracellular Ca2+ and pH on motility and flagellar waveform parameters in sturgeon spermatozoa. Cybium 32/2 124-126  Roles
2008 Alavi S. M. Hadi, Rodina Marek, Policar Tomas, Cosson Jacky, Kozak Pavel, Psenicka Martin and Linhart Otomar Physiology and behavior of stripped and testicular sperm in Perca fluviatilis L. 1758. Cybium 32/2 162-163  Physiology
2008 Legendre Marc, Cosson Jacky and Subagja Jojo Sperm characterisitics and motility in Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage, 1878) and Pangasius djambal Bleeker, 1846 (Pangasiidae, Siluriformes). Cybium 32/2 183-184  Sperm
2008 Psenicka Martin, Alavi S.M. Hadi, Rodina Marek, Cosson Jacky, Nebesarova Jana, Gela David and Linhart Otomar A comparative study on biological aspects of sperm in sterlet and Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) and sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus). Cybium 32/2 179-180  A
2008 Linhart Otomar, Alavi S.M. Hadi, Rodina Marek, Gela David and Cosson Jacky After finishing of motility, sperm of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is able to re-initiate a second motility period and save ability to fertilize eggs Cybium 32/2 187-188  After
2008 Cosson Jacky, Groison Anne-Laure, Suquet Marc and Fauvel Christian Motility characteristics of spermatozoa in cod (Gadus morhua) and hake (Merluccius merluccius). Cybium 32/2 176-177  Motility
2008 Groison Anne-Laure, Suquet Marc, Cosson Jacky, Le Coz Jean-René, Jolivet Aurélie and Garren Francois Sperm biological characteristics in European hake (Merluccius merluccius) Cybium 32/2 178  Sperm
2007 Sardet C, Paix A, Prodon F, Dru P, Chenevert J. From oocyte to 16-cell stage: cytoplasmic and cortical reorganizations that pattern the ascidian embryo. Developmental dynamics 336 1716-31  
2007 Sardet, C , Paix, A., Prodon, F., Dru, P. and Chenevert, J. From oocyte to 16 cell stage: the cytoplasmic and cortical reorganizations which pattern the ascidian embryo. Developmental Dynamics 236 1716-31  From
2007 Dumollard R, Ward Z, Carroll J, Duchen MR. Regulation of redox metabolism in the mouse oocyte and embryo development 134(3) 455-65  Regulation
2007 Dumollard R, Duchen M, Carroll J. The role of mitochondrial function in the oocyte and embryo Curr Top Dev Biol 77 21-49  The
2007 Range R., Lapraz, Quirin M., Marro S., Besnardeau L. and Lepage T Cis-regulatory analysis of nodal and maternal control of dorsal-ventral axis formation by a TGF-beta related to Vg1. Development 134 3649-3664  Cis-regulatory
2007 Lapraz, F. Duboc, V. and Lepage A genomic view of TGF-b signal transduction in an invertebrate deuterostome organism and lessons from the functional analysis of Nodal and BMP2/4 during sea urchin development. Signal Transduction 7 187-206.  
2007 Absalon S., Kohl L., Branche C., Blisnick T., Toutirais G., Rusconi F., Cosson J., Bonhivers M., Robinson D. and Bastin P. Basal body positioning is controlled by flagellum formation in Trypanosoma brucei. PloSOne e437 1-16  Basal
2007 F.J. Abascal, J. Cosson & C. Fauvel Characterization of sperm motility in European seabass. The effect of heavy metals and physicochemical variables on sperm motility. J. Fish Biol. 70(2) 509-522  Characterization
2007 Chambon, J.P., Nakayama, A., Takamura, K., McDougall, A, and Satoh N. ERK- and JNK-signalling regulate gene networks that stimulate metamorphosis and apoptosis in tail tissues of ascidian tadpoles. Development 134 1203-1209  
2007 Levasseur, M., Carroll, M. Jones, K. T. and McDougall, A. A novel mechanism controls the Ca2+ oscillations triggered by activation of ascidian eggs and has an absolute requirement for CDK1 activity J. Cell Sci. 120 1763-1777  
2007 Hudson, C., Lotito, S. and Yasuo, H. Sequential and combinatorial inputs from Nodal, Delta2/Notch and FGF/MEK/ERK signalling pathways establish a grid-like organisation of distinct cell identities in the ascidian neural plate. Development 134 3527-3537  
2007 Momose, T. and Houliston, E. Two Oppositely Localised Frizzled RNAs as Axis Determinants in a Cnidarian Embryo PLoS Biology 5 (4) e70  Two
2007 Picco, V., Hudson, C., and Yasuo, H. Ephrin/Eph signalling drives the asymmetric division of notochord/neural precursors in Ciona embryos Development 134, 1491-1497  
2007 Yasuo, H and Hudson, C. FGF8/17/18 functions together with FGF9/16/20 during formation of the notochord in Ciona embryos Developmental Biology 302 92-103  
2007 Meedel, T.H., Chang, P., and Yasuo, H. Muscle development in Ciona intestinalis requires the b-HLH myogenic regulatory factor gene Ci-MRF Dev. Biol. 302 333-344  
2006 Croce J, Duloquin L, Lhomond G, McClay DR, Gache C Frizzled5/8 is required in secondary mesenchyme cells to initiate archenteron invagination during sea urchin development. Development 133(3) 547-57  Frizzled5/8
2006 Bradham, C. A., Foltz, K. R., Beane, W. S., Arnone, M. I., Rizzo, F., Coffman, J. A., Mushegian, A., Goel, M., Morales, J., Geneviere, A. M., Lapraz, F.Robertson, A. J.,Kelkar, H.,Loza-Coll, M.,Townley, I. K.,Raisch, M.,Roux, M. M., Lepage, T., Gache, C., The sea urchin kinome: a first look Dev.Biol. 300 180-93.  The
2006 Sodergren, E. Weinstock, G. M. Davidson, E. H. Cameron, R. A. Gibbs, R. A. Angerer, R. C. Angerer, L. M. Arnone, M. I. Burgess, D. R. Burke, R. D. et al. The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Science 314 941-52.  The
2006 Lapraz, F. Röttinger, R. Duboc, V. Range, R., Duloquin, L., Walton, K., Wu, S. Y., Bradham, C., Loza, M.A., Hibino, T., Wilson, K., Poustka, A., McClay, D., Angerer, L., Gache, C. and Lepage T. RTK and TGF-b signaling pathways genes in the sea urchin genome. Dev. Biol. 300 132-152  RTK
2006 Röttinger1 E., Croce1J., Lhomond G., Besnardeau L., Gache C. and Lepage T Nemo-like Kinase (NLK) acts downstream of Notch/Delta to downregulate TCF during mesoderm induction in the sea urchin embryo. Development 133 4341-4353.  Nemo-like
2006 Alavi, S.M.H., Cosson, J., Kazemi, R. Semen characteristics in Acipenser persicus in relation to sequential stripping. J. Applied Ichthyology 22 (Suppl. 1) 400-405  Semen
2006 O. Linhart, S. Mims, B. Gomelsky, L. Cvetkova, J. Cosson, M. Rodina, A. Horvath and B. Urbanyi Effects of cryoprotectants and males on motility parameters and fertilizability using paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) frozen-thawed spermatozoa J. Applied Ichthyology 22(1) 389-394  Effects
2006 Prodon,F, Chenevert J., C.Sardet Establishment of Animal-Vegetal Polarity during Maturation in Ascidian Developmental Biology 290 297-311  
2006 Patalano, S., G. Pruliere, F. Prodon, A. Paix, P. Dru, C. Sardet, and J. Chenevert The aPKC-PAR-6-PAR-3 cell polarity complex localizes to the centrosome J Cell Science 10 1242-1252  
2006 Dumollard, R., Duchen, M., Sardet, C. Calcium signals and mitochondria at fertilization Semin Cell Dev Biol 17 314-323  
2006 Sardet, C, Dumollard, R, McDougall, A. Signals and calcium waves at fertilization Semin Cell Dev Biol 17 223  
2006 C. Branche, L. Kohl, G. Toutirais, Buisson ,J., Cosson J. & Bastin P. Conserved and specific functions of axoneme components in trypanosome motility J. Cell Sci. 119 3443-55  Conserved
2006 Jager, M., Quéinnec, E., Houliston, E. & Manuel, M. Expansion of the Sox family predated the origin of Bilateria Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 39 468-77  Expansion
2006 Alavi H., Amiri B., Cosson J., Karami M., Abdoulhay H.., Pourkazemi M., Akhoundzadeh A Determination of some seminal plasma indices, sperm density and sperm motility in the Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus Iran J. Fisheries Sciences 5(2) 1-18  
2006 Zhang WL.*, Huitorel P.*, Genevière-Garrigues AM., Chiri S., Ciapa B. * equal contributions Inactivation of MAPK activity in mature oocytes triggers progression into mitosis via a Ca-dependant pathway but without completion of S phase J. Cell Sci. 119 (17) 3491-3501  Inactivation
2006 Chevalier, S.; Martin, A.; Leclère, L. ; Amiel, A.; Houliston, E. Polarised expression of FoxB and FoxQ2 genes during development of the hydrozoan Clytia hemisphaerica Development, Genes & Evolution 216 709-20  Polarised
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